Guidelines and Reminders

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Guidelines and Reminders

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 06, 2009 2:27 am

Exclamation Try our best to observe the following behavior as we enjoy our stay here:

Arrow Respect SuperM, respect our SuperFounder and respect your co- SuperFriends
(sama nyo na mga SuperLurkers naten) at all times.

Arrow Ignore all bashers. (it's your own responsibility how you want those "non sense people" affect you.)
Lets deal with this in the proper manner. Report any offensive/personal attacks to the Moderators/Admin immediately.

Arrow Use the "PM user" button effectively. All "confidential informations" should be communicated through private messages to avoid "issues".

Arrow All plans should be consulted to SuperFounder, discussed with everyone and should be approved by the majority (at least the active ones).

Arrow Maximize forum bandwidth by avoiding double posting/spamming.
You may edit your post incase may nalimutang i-add or changes

ArrowWelcome the newbies well. Lets entertain them, ask few questions and share our own manuelic/super M experience...

Arrow Know what's important and prioritize. First things first. To all the students, mag-aral ng mabuti. To all the employees, magtrabaho ng mabuti. (Paalala ito palagi ni SuperM, so value it as he values our future!)

Idea The guidelines mentioned above are made by SF Jaszand SF Joesz.

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