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Stories - English

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 26, 2009 2:26 am

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Re: Stories - English

Post by poli_g on Tue May 05, 2009 4:19 pm


An Atheist Professor of Philosophy speaks to his Class on the Problem
Science has with GOD, The ALMIGHTY.
He asks one of his New Christian Students to stand and . . .

Professor : You are a Christian, aren't you, son ?
Student : Yes, sir.
Professor : So you Believe in GOD ?
Student : Absolutely, sir.
Professor : Is GOD Good ?
Student : Sure.
Professor : Is GOD ALL - POWERFUL ?
Student : Yes.

Professor : My Brother died of Cancer even though he Prayed to GOD to
Heal him.
Most of us would attempt to Help Others who are ill.
But GOD didn't.
How is this GOD Good then ? Hmm ?

( Student is silent )

Professor : You can't answer, can you ?
Let's start again, Young Fella.
Is GOD Good ?
Student : Yes.
Professor : Is Satan good ?
Student : No.
Professor : Where does Satan come from ?
Student : From . . . GOD . . .
Professor : That's right.
Tell me son, is there evil in this World ?
Student : Yes.
Professor : Evil is everywhere, isn't it ?
And GOD did make Everything. Correct ?
Student : Yes.
Professor : So who created evil ?

( Student does not answer )

Professor : Is there Sickness ? Immorality ? Hatred ? Ugliness ?
All these terrible things exist in the World, don't
they ?
Student : Yes, sir.
Professor : So, who Created them ?

( Student has no answer )

Professor : Science says you have 5 Senses you use to Identify and
Observe the World around you.
Tell me, son . . . Have you ever Seen GOD ?
Student : No, sir.
Professor : Tell us if you have ever Heard your GOD ?
Student : No , sir.
Professor : Have you ever Felt your GOD, Tasted your GOD, Smelt your GOD
Have you ever had any Sensory Perception of GOD for
that matter ?
Student : No, sir. I'm afraid I haven't.
Professor : Yet you still Believe in HIM ?
Student : Yes.
Professor : According to Empirical, Testable, Demonstrable Protocol,
Science says your GOD doesn't exist.
What do you say to that, son ?
Student : Nothing. I only have my Faith.
Professor : Yes. Faith. And that is the Problem Science has.
Student : Professor, is there such a thing as Heat ?
Professor : Yes.
Student : And is there such a thing as Cold ?
Professor : Yes.
Student : No sir. There isn't.

( The Lecture Theatre becomes very quiet with this turn of events )

Student : Sir, you can have Lots of Heat, even More Heat, Superheat,
Mega Heat, White Heat, a Little Heat or No Heat. But we don't have
anything called Cold.
We can hit 458 Degrees below Zero which is No Heat, but we can't go any
further after that.
There is no such thing as Cold.
Cold is only a Word we use to describe the Absence of Heat.
We cannot Measure Cold.
Heat is Energy.
Cold is Not the Opposite of Heat, sir, just the Absence of it.

( There is Pin - Drop Silence in the Lecture Theatre )
Student : What about Darkness, Professor ? Is there such a thing as
Darkness ?
Professor : Yes. What is Night if there isn't Darkness ?
Student : You're wrong again, sir.
Darkness is the Absence of Something.
You can have Low Light, Normal Light , Bright Light, Flashing Light . .
But if you have No Light Constantly, you have Nothing and it's called
Darkness, isn't it ?
In reality, Darkness isn't.
If it is, were you would be able to make Darkness Darker, wouldn't you ?

Professor : So what is the point you are making, Young Man ?
Student : Sir, my point is your Philosophical Premise is Flawed.
Professor : Flawed ? Can you explain how ?
Student : Sir, you are working on the Premise of Duality.
You argue there is Life and then there is Death, a Good GOD and a Bad
You are viewing the Concept of GOD as something finite, something we can
Sir, Science can't even explain a Thought.
It uses Electricity and Magnetism, but has never seen, much less fully
understood either one.
To view Death as the Opposite of Life is to be ignorant of the fact that

Death cannot exist as a Substantive Thing.
Death is Not the Opposite of Life : just the Absence of it.
Now tell me, Professor, do you Teach your Students that they Evolved
from a Monkey ?
Professor : If you are referring to the Natural Evolutionary Process,
yes, of course, I do.
Student : Have you ever observed Evolution with your own eyes, sir ?

( The Professor shakes his head with a Smile, beginning to realize where
the Argument is going )

Student : Since no one has ever observed the Process of Evolution at
work and
cannot even prove that this Process is an On - Going
are you not Teaching your Opinion, sir ?
Are you not a Scientist but a Preacher ?

( The Class is in Uproar )

Student : Is there anyone in the Class who has ever Seen the
Professor's Brain ?

( The Class breaks out into Laughter )

Student : Is there anyone here who has ever Heard the Professor's
Brain, Felt it, Touched or Smelt it ? . . .
No one appears to have done so.
So, according to the Established Rules of Empirical,
Stable, Demonstrable Protocol, Science says that
you have No Brain, sir.
With all due respect, sir, how do we then Trust your
Lectures, sir ?

( The Room is Silent. The Professor stares at the Student, his face

Professor : I guess you'll have to take them on Faith, son.
Student : That is it sir . . .
the Link between Man & GOD is FAITH.
That is all that Keeps Things Moving & Alive.
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Re: Stories - English

Post by poli_g on Tue May 05, 2009 5:15 pm


Life is ordinary to me, until you came then you open my eyes to see everything. Life has no meaning to me, until I found you and from that very moment I already knew. At night your the only light that I see, and your love means everything to me. Staring at you feels so extraordinary, simply knowing that your so pretty. Your the only thing why Im still breathing because without you I am nothing. Your name is like a sweet melody that I keep on playing everyday. Your face is like a pleasant memory that always make me say you surely brightens my day. Your like a light that sparkle at night, whenever your there you turned everything right. You serves as an inspiration in my life, and I do keep on dreaming of you as my wife.
Its been a long time from now and yet, I still cant figure out how. Im still puzzled how to win your heart but I promise never to give up no matter what. Why cant you sense? Why cant you see? That you’re the only one I hope for and pray. My love for you is exceptional like a shadow it will always follow you wherever you go whatever you do. I may not be your ideal guy but hey I could take you to a journey where no one ever dare you to take before. I could make you laugh I could make you happy and I wish it matters to you as it matters to me. This is no more a game, no more a play Im simply following to what every piece of my heart say. You have no idea how much you mean to me that without you in my life this world is so empty. Just a thought of you completes my day, what more can I ask for if you’re here beside me every single day just to stay and be my lady. I cant find the answers what makes you special among the rest or what do others don’t have that you possess. I even don’t know when did this crazy thing started and why? All I know was that I wake up in a morning longing for your affection, touch and warmth of your love. Im just a person who is weak in emotion, just like any other man who wants to find their woman.

But suddenly, out of nowhere I wake up in reality. The first day we went out together was maybe the last day we could be, the last chance that I could stare at you so closely, the last chance to prove to you my worthy and my final last chance to know and feel how great and wonderful love could be. Because for me love aint love anymore if I fake it with someone else, just knowing that my heart still bleeds and shouts for your name. Its easy for me to fall the only question is its hard for me to love especially when I know that no one could ever fit to that place simply because you alone holds the key to my fragile heart. I don’t know what happened that time, I supposedly be happy, I supposedly be lucky, lucky because finally, we were together alone. That I was able to feel the strands of your hair, to be familiar with your smell and yes that our skin touches one another. But I was not. Through that short period of time only one thing reigns in my mind. There is something in me that keeps on telling me that I will loose you. Don’t you worry friend the blame was on me. Maybe Im just too ambitious to think that I could have you, maybe Im just carried away by this illusions that I created or was being blinded by my dreams. Please forgive me. I just hope its not that too late for me to loss my way to sanity and serenity. I just hope that after all what happened, that after this worst nightmare, this unforgettable trauma I could still be able to define and remember what happiness means. Its not your fault why I love you its my stupidity that puts me here. I don’t wanna force the issue either and most of all I don’t want you to love me because of pity, its an insult to me instead, I want to earn it even if in the most hardest way. Certainly, forgetting you is hard to do for my one and only true love is you. Living without you has no clear tomorrow for my one and only direction is absolutely you. I had move on with my past because I believe I found my present in you and I hope youll still be apart of my tomorrow. But I just realize its time to let go and be brave enough to face what is true, the sad true is no matter how I want, no matter what I do, no matter if Id kill myself in front of you I can’t be with you. Because this is the way you wanted it to be, to stay single and free so I must respect it that way. Its hard to accept that sometimes, what we want in life is something we cant have. The only thing is of all person why does it have to be you? I learned to play the strings because I want to play a special song for you, I learned how to cook because I want to serve the best dish for you, Ive learned what patience means, for four long years Ive never been in a serious relationship because I was hoping and waiting for you. Theres so many things I learned because of you. Damn, does this include I should learn to live my life without you?
Things will be different if your gone, its like I don’t have someone to run. Without you, life will not be the same feels like my whole body is in pain. The very moment I knew and feel that I will loose you my burden was so heavy. Tears in my eyes fall continuously, I tried to stop it but I cant help it wishing that I was just dreaming or something. I was ready to change my ways, I was ready to give you my all, I was ready to risk everything but you were not ready to be there for me. Now, I’ll just try to adapt in living a life of falsity, pretending to be happy but cry when nobody sees me. Telling myself that its not my loss but its you in our game who lost. But, I must admit that if were not together life is so unfair. This love is making me insane and its so difficult for me to accept that all of this would be in vain. What is the essence of my dream if I’ll loose you…the only person that Ive been dreaming of. In every laugh I take half of it would be fake, in every dreams I’ll make most of it would be break now that your gone Im frail, timid and weak. This life is a big mess without your love. Ive been struggling to fix it, Ive been struggling to be myself again. This is not who I used to be, this is not me. This life is not mine anymore because this life was all about you. But you leave me with no options than to embraced my end. So be it, this pain is unbearable that I have to personally end this tornment. How could you be so mean, how could you be so rude, so numb and insensitive to my feelings. All I ask is to be hug, to be love. I guess that is too much for you too ask. This is killing me, Im gasping for air already I need to be free. Maybe this pain will drive this wounded love away.. How I wish I could be in severe pain, pain not only for discomfort but a pain that would put an end to everything. I hope you know and realize how bitter a coffee is without a sugar. Because from now on I’ll start to live my life drinking a cup of coffee without any sugar. I hope you know how bitter my life is now without you sugar. I just hope you do. Hope this would be enough to remind me of a true love that I found and lost from you. But you know what? My greatest fear is that inspite of all of this, that whatever you do to me, one thing will never change…my love for you will remain. Goodbye.

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Re: Stories - English

Post by poli_g on Tue May 05, 2009 5:38 pm

Recently I overheard a mother and daughter in their last moments together at the airport. They had announced the departure..

Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the mother said, "I love you and I wish you enough".

The daughter replied, "Mom, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Mom".

They kissed and the daughter left. The mother walked over to the window where I was seated. Standing there I could see she wanted and needed to cry. I tried not to intrude on her privacy but she welcomed me in by asking, "Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever?".

Yes, I have," I replied. "Forgive me for asking, but why is this a forever good-bye?".

"I am old and she lives so far away. I have challenges ahead and the reality is - the next trip back will be for my funeral," she said.

"When you were saying good-bye, I heard you say, 'I wish you enough'. May I ask what that means?".

She began to smile. "That's a wish that has been handed down from other generations. My parents used to say it to everyone". She paused a moment and looked up as if trying to remember it in detail and she smiled even more. "When we said , 'I wish you enough', we were wanting the other person to have a life filled with just enough good things to sustain them". Then turning toward me, she shared the following as if she were reciting it from memory

I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright no matter how gray the day may appear.

I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun even more.

I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive and everlasting.

I wish you enough pain so that even the smallest of joys in life may appear bigger.

I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.

I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.

I wish you enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye.

She then began to cry and walked away.

They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them but then an entire life to forget them.
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Re: Stories - English

Post by poli_g on Tue May 05, 2009 6:13 pm

Hospital Window


A great note for all to read it will take just 37 seconds to read this and change your thinking

Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room. One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs. His bed was next to the room's only window. The other man had to spend all his time flat on his back. The men talked for hours on end. They spoke of their wives and families, their homes, their jobs, their involvement in the military service, where they had been on vacation.

Every afternoon when the man in the bed by the window could sit up, he would pass the time by describing to his roommate all the things he could see outside the window.

The man in the other bed began to live for those one hour periods where his world would be broadened and enlivened by all the activity and color of the world outside.

The window overlooked a park with a lovely lake. Ducks and swans played on the water while children sailed their model boats. Young lovers walked arm in arm amidst flowers of every color and a fine view of the city skyline could be seen in the distance.

As the man by the window described all this in exquisite detail, the man on the other side of the room would close his eyes and imagine the picturesque scene.

One warm afternoon the man by the window described a parade passing by.

Although the other man couldn't hear the band - he could see it. In his mind's eye as the gentleman by the window portrayed it with descriptive words.

Days and weeks passed.

One morning, the day nurse arrived to bring water for their baths only to find the lifeless body of the man by the window, who had died peacefully in his sleep. She was saddened and called the hospital attendants to take the body away.

As soon as it seemed appropriate, the other man asked if he could be moved next to the
window. The nurse was happy to make the switch, and after making sure he was comfortable, she left him alone.

Slowly, painfully, he propped himself up on one elbow to take his first look at the real world outside.

He strained to slowly turn to look out the window beside the bed.

It faced a blank wall. The man asked the nurse what could have compelled his deceased roommate who had described such wonderful things outside this window

The nurse responded that the man was blind and could not even see the wall.

She said, "Perhaps he just wanted to encourage you."
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Re: Stories - English

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