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SUPERFriendship is not just going with someone or just talking to him/her. Our SUPERFriendship is deeper than that. It is a friendship when we communicate thoughts (prof vod's laughtrip lines) and feelings (jasz and denden emoticons), with the ever defender power of smack, and updates from correspondent kuya Marlo; it is rooted and grounded in love and concern for God, for one another and for SUPER_M.

There is empathy (the "love-sick" mode of the trio - diana, mary, and pao), a deep fellow-feeling (buddies joez & jasz)...(kulit summ, jessie, saph, ella, poli, lynn, mhie, marl, phatty,and eds)... (cebu partners rico & marts)...and closeness and support..vanesz, leslie, bhegi, rita, con, anne, sheric, timmy, yabbie, jerdz, lhaine, khaye, jorgia, thund, natasha, sachico, kira, rhox, cess, katsumi, joime, pink anne, cute anne, marge, and the spiritual guidance of sis judine... plus the other lovable SUPERFRIENDS!

It takes time...(vampire mode and kulitan mode to the max...) but once it grows, it enriches the lives of those who are friends. It helps a person to grow and mature (even in the way they post their ideas...nahihiya din...)

SUPERFRIENDS...we may differ in many ways...we may live apart... we may be still hiding something... but that is okay...we are just beginning... and WE BOND WITH COMMON CONNECTIONS!

and in our hearts there will only be one El Ultimo Participante tunay na hamon ng buhay. His name is Manuel Chua Jr.

and we will remain as the SUPERFRIENDS OF SUPERMANUEL!

Hence, let us value this friendship! Let us be true to our name - SUPERFRIENDS!... FLY HIGH!

Idea SF Judine's original write-up; revised by SF jasz.

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